MHFSAuctions is dedicated to providing the highest quality online equine auction system available. We strive to deliver the best value and service in our industry.

MHFSAuctions provides our customers with affordably priced, professionally designed, easy-to-use, online auction solutions for all types of production auctions, stallion service auctions, dispersal auctions while delivering world class customer service and satisfaction.

Our Online Auction includes the following benefits:

  1. Basic auction site with standard colors and your logo.
  2. Unlimited items per auction (horses, stallion service auction, charity auction)
  3. Unlimited auctions for the term of this agreement
  4. Hosted on our site
  5. 2 e-mail blasts about your auction at no charge. (E-mailed to 40,000 equine enthusiasts)
  6. You set the “consignment” price for each item you list in your auction.
  7. You determine any “commission” you wish to charge for each item in your auction.
  8. You have admin rights to add your consigned horses or items.
  9. You set your terms for the auction, such as when it starts, ends, payment etc.
  10. You determine the type of reporting you want back after the auction is complete.

Call or email us today to learn more about the MHFSAuction Online Auction program, 405-485-4224 or