• City:Cheney
  • Zip Code:99004
    Sale Price:CALL
  • Gender:Gelding
  • Height:14.0
    Weight: 900 lbs
  • Foal Date: October, 2005
    Temperament:  5
  • Breed:
  • Registration(s):
  • Markings:White patch on nose
  • Attributes:
  • Disciplines:


MUSTANGO is a beautiful BLM Mustang from off the Oregon range - he was captured when he was a yearling. It's estimated he was about 1 year old when he was captured in October 2005. He's approximately 13 years old, a gelding. Mustango has some ground work done and can be haltered and lead with the help of a few treats. He has been extremely manhandled so he's very skittish and isn't a good candidate for someone who wants to ride him unless you have a great deal of time to work with him to gain his trust. Mustango has a very sweet, non-aggressive personality and is the bottom of the food chain the herd. He's a super easy keeper but is also very mistrusting of any handler, but sweet and comfortable once he gains trust. He seems to prefer women over men. He's been a wonderful pasture companion to my old mare, and my two goats. Mustango has also developed a playful relationship with my Siberian Husky dog. Ideally, Mustango would be happiest to remain a pasture companion for a horse in retirement.